High volume fans - HVL


This product is discontinued

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High volume fans - HVL

Kongskilde offers a wide range of high-capacity low-pressure fans for drying and ventilation of grain, rape seed, peas, grass seed, hay, beet, onions and potatoes. The air flow rate of the fan varies little with changes in the air pressure resistance, caused by different types of crops in silos, driers or on-floor stores. The fan is therefore also ideally suited for small-seed crops, having a higher resistance to the air flow, e.g. rape seed, clover, mustard. Owing to the very low temperature rise the fan is also suitable for ventilating and cooling of crops. In industrial installations the HVL fan may be used for exhaust and ventilation purposes.

Technical specifications

HVL 30 HVL 55 HVL 100 HVL 150 HVL 250
Air flow rate /h 6800.0 m³ 12500.0 m³ 18000.0 m³ 24000.0 m³ 35000.0 m³
Air flow rate measured at mm WG 60 80 100 100 120
Motor, kw (hp) 2.2 (3) 4 (5.5) 7.5 (10) 11 (15) 18 (25)
Motor, RPM 3000 1500 1500 1500 1500