Mobile oil heaters, indirect - KM


This product is discontinued

Brand Kongskilde Kongskilde - Mobile Oil heaters - Indirect - KM

Mobile oil heaters, indirect - KM

The high capacity KM heaters are the right choice when a high output of heat, a compact design and a high level of security is required both for space heating and for crop drying. The KM heaters are designed with a flue connection ensuring clean and odourless warm air. The efficient stainless steel heat exchanger guarantees a high efficiency and endurance in any operating conditions. Fuel tank not included.

Technical specifications

KM 100X KM 130X KM 160X
Air flow /h 6700.0 l 8950.0 l 9800.0 l
Max. oil consumption (/h) 9.5 l 12.0 l 14.6 l
Height 1.20 m 1.20 m 1.20 m
Length 1.77 m 2.14 m 2.14 m
Weight 210.0 kg 260.0 kg 280.0 kg
Width 80.0 cm 80.0 cm 84.5 cm